Dash’narök Part 2

Greetings, Heroes !


We’re back for a second time this month with production news.

As you can see, things are continuing to progress and, according to the latest estimations from our factories, everything should be completed by early July following a recent Covid-19 outbreak (fortunately, we’re not talking about closure or blockage here).

We will be sending you two other updates in June and July about the final production stages. Delivery is still set for September.


In other important news, you will receive a message from the Pledge Manager platform https://www.fluentpm.com asking you to confirm your address at the end of next month. Make sure to check your emails, including the spam folder!

Dashboards: Heroes

Here’s the next installment of dashboards with the core box heroes.

For the Hero Dashboards from the core box, follow this link : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806316071/mythic-battles-ragnarok/posts/380112