1-6 players

90 min

Orcquest Warpath is a co-operative board game for 1-6 players that takes you back to the good old days of Dungeon Crawling mixed with fresh gameplay features.
Choose a class and embark on a perilous campaign to save the Orc people from Humans with krafting and progression systems

Each door opens to reveal something different and new enemies to crush and loot. Gather your horde for exciting adventures ! Storm towns and castles to fight Humans ! And Elves ! And Dwarves ! And the Undead ! And R ats !
And…nevermind, fight whatever stands in your way !

For the glory of the mighty Badass!! In OrcQuest WarPath, the Orcs’ feats attract the favors of their mighty god Badass! Each time the heroes kill an enemy, they gain Badass points. And the bigger the enemy they kill, the more Badass points they get. Players can spend the Badass points individually to activate special attack and perform additional actions, or collectively to level up by acquiring upgraded Skill cards. Badass points can even revive fallen Orcs, so spend them carefully.

Each hero has their own deck of Skill and Event cards, making each character different to play. When starting a campaign, each player choses a hero from a roster of 18 characters._Each character has their own personalized set of Skill cards and they can spend Badass points during the campaign to acquire upgraded skill cards, making each adventure feel fresh.

Each time they kill an enemy, they get loot cards that can be weapons, resources, or potions. The heroes can then use these resources to kraft their weapons. To kraft a new weapon, the player must discard the required type and quantity of resources indicated on the weapon’s Kraft Plan. And use the newly upgraded gear to kill more enemies!

But be careful !
Smashing skulls is good, but it draws attention. And attention is bad! The alert track is divided into 3 parts of increasing intensity from yellow to red. Each time a hero is spotted by a patrol, they will try to sound the alarm, rising the Alert level. ._The color of the Alert Track dictates how many enemies are spawned when a new patrol has to be added to the board, making the mission more and more difficult for the heroes. And when the last level is reached, it is game over for the Orcs .

The game is currently in production and will be available to buy in our online store around November 2023 – after all backers have received their orders.