2-5 players

60-90 min

Conan is the first game from Monolith and was directly inspired by the work of Robert E. Howard. This tabletop miniatures board game pits the Overlord – a player controlling hordes of savage tribes, bandits, and undead slaves – against 1-4 players taking on the roles of the legendary Conan and his comrades in arms. . The gameplay is asymmetrical, meaning that the Overlord has a whole range of troops, demons, and objectives, while the brave heroes are played in the first person. Each player has just one character, much like in a roleplaying game.
On one of the magnificent game boards, the two sides go head-to-head in adventures putting their intelligence, strategic thinking, and daring to the test!

1-4 players

Thanks to the Conan the Conqueror expansion, the game is also playable in solo-cooperative mode, allowing 1 to 4 players to live thrilling adventures alone, or in team!

Unanimously praised for its brilliant and faithful reproduction of the Hyborian Age, the Conan range has since expanded to include different extensions in which players can explore the lands and adventures of this exciting world. In 2020, the Conan the Conqueror Kickstarter campaign added a Solo-Cooperative mode to the game, continuing its epic saga backed by the game’s incredible community and the tools developed by Monolith, such as the online scenario editor.

The Adventure goes on

Conan will be back on Kickstarter at the end of the year, giving you a chance to explore the lands where the Red Nails novella takes place – and so much more!

We are also preparing to launch a roleplaying game in 2024, which will be designed so that you can use the equipment already available in the board game.