2+ players

Batman™ : Gotham City Chronicles, the Roleplaying-Game takes you to the streets of Gotham City, enabling you to play a whole range of famous and unknown characters from the comics, films, series, or your own imagination.

Whether you and your friends choose an atmosphere of action, investigation, adventure, or suspense, Gotham City will be waiting with its avenues, skyscrapers, subterranean tunnels, criminal world, secrets, magic, and incomparable ambience, which is the result of 80 years of creations since the Dark Knight first appeared.

The world of Gotham City is naturally that of Batman, the Joker, and all their allies and enemies from the G.C.P.D., the Falcone and Maroni mafia families, and sinister organizations such as the League of Assassins and the Court of Owls.

The RPG is not focused on a particular time period or comic-book series, and its game system can be used to create all the aesthetics and atmospheres from the last 80 years of comics, movies, and anime series. These include the grim, epic fight against crime in Neil Adams’ Batman, the noir fiction style of the Gotham Central comics, the unnerving ambience of Batman: Hush and Batman: The Court of Owls, the realism of F. Miller’s Dark Knight, and the feats depicted in more flamboyant series such as Batman Rebirth and New 52.

The specificities of the Batman-RPG system develop several elements:

• 3 modes for creating characters

« STREETS OF GOTHAM CITY » for the citizens, detectives, bodyguards, police officers, crooks, lawyers, etc. of Gotham City;
« SHADOWS OF GOTHAM CITY » for the crime-fighters, supervillains, and other particularly gifted figures who protect their identities with masks;
« PRODIGIES OF GOTHAM CITY » for all those with actual superpowers

Each of these modes provides access to different types of ways; the level of power is therefore unrelated to the level of experience, and is above all based on the ways and abilities each character has at their disposal.

• An ethics system

Represented by scores across 4 values (anarchy, order, crime, justice) which define each character, and can also be used while playing.

• A collection of operational rules

Used to create teams (of police officers, thugs, crime-fighters, supervillains, etc.) and headquarters, to simulate chases, interrogations, and infiltrations, and to easily manage large groups of enemies.

A role-playing game for beginners and experienced players alike

Aside from the rules, the corebook features extensive advice for the game master (about creating adventures and how to lead a game) and for the players (about the Gotham City penal system and how to play a police officer, a masked vigilante, or a criminal).

The game is currently completing its validation phases and its first printing tests. Soon after the delivery of its third campaign to contributors, it will be available in our online store.

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