Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5 – Echidna’s Children Extension

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Explorez le monde des monstres légendaires avec l’extension Les enfants d’Echidna.
Echidna and Typhon are the origin of mythology’s most famous monsters.

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With the Echidna’s Children extension for Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5, explore the world of legendary monsters. Echidna and Typhon are the origin of some of mythology’s most famous monsters.

Take on these fearsome creatures with three new monsters to add to your arsenal: the Chimera, the Basilisk and the Teumessian Fox. Tame these terrifying beasts and use their power to fight your way to victory.

In this extension, horror and grandeur meet as you explore the darkest corners of mythology. Get ready to face terrifying challenges and write your own legend in Mythic Battles!

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  • 3 miniatures
  • 3 dasboards
  • 13 activation cards
  • 1 campaign booklet