Claustrophobia 1643

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Claustrophobia 1643 is an asymmetric survival and skirmish game that sees two players confront each other in the underground of New Jerusalem, the human stronghold built in the heart of the Underworld.

One player embodies a group of Westerners while the other controls a seemingly endless army of demonic creatures.

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Dear adventurers,


To celebrate the launch of its Online Store, Monolith is pleased to offer you the last available boxes of Claustrophobia 1643.

Are you ready to travel through the cesspool beneath New Jerusalem? The battle between humans and demons rages, and only one side will triumph.


A pure Monolith game


Claustrophobia 1643, what is it?


Claustrophobia 1643 is an asymmetrical survival and skirmish game for two players

One will play as humans who fight relentlessly against demons and other creatures that swarm in the basement of New Jerusalem, the other as the Evil that should not be awakened.


With its finely sculpted miniatures and its quality material, the game allows you to live a unique experience in the depths of this city that humans and demonic creatures dream of controlling.


Two sides, two atmospheres.

While the human camp will have to fight for its survival with its heroes and its very small troops, the evil camp will do everything to overwhelm the humans with its hordes of monsters and the demon at their head.

Claustrophobia 1643 offers an asymmetrical gameplay For each game, choose a scenario and play with the according monsters and heroes.

The tiles are drawn randomly so each game offers a different and exciting challenge, even if you replay a scenario several times.

Ready for the challenge? Don’t wait any longer and join the Claustrophobia 1643 experience!

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35 Minis
5 Fiches de combattant occidental
13 Fiches de démons
2 Fiches de molosses
1 Fiche de troglodyte spécial
1 Planche de la destinée
20 Gemmes de Prima Materia
8 dés d’activation
6 dés du destin,
10 dés de combat,
40 pions de dégât
7 pions de dons
48 tuiles
1 pion compte-tour
5 pions d’état épuisé
20 Cartes d’équipement
24 Cartes d’événement
24 Cartes d’instinct
86 Pions Divers